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As a business owner for over thirty-five years, I understand the importance of a website and the obstacles involved. I bring my seven-plus years developing the Microsite platform which started with my online countertop information-sharing program (get free countertop quotes online).

Let'Build Something Great Together

I am excited to share my expertise with those interested in taking the next step forward. Testing the market with new ideas is now an option that was all to often never realized. My unique approach to web design fits any budget and most business considerations.

Art Duy
Program Developer

My latest project started months before COVID 19 for families to maximize their grocery dollars. Warehouse retailers, such as Costco, offer the best value, however, with consequences; overspending, high membership fees, and waste due to bulk packaging.


Additionally, families and food-related businesses can save considerable money, and for the entrepreneurial spirits, opens opportunities for professional shopping and delivery. With a world bracing for change, and restaurant owners looking to keep doors open, Co-Op Shopper is an exciting project in the works.


feeding families and entrepreneurial spirits


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nothing fancy - just  affordable & effective

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