Questions You May Have

Do I pay any additional commissions or fees for E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is 100% commission free and available for websites and portals. I have the lowest fee for E-commerce hosting that will pay for itself many times over.

Can I get help with website copywriting?

Yes. I will write your first text draft for $29. Select that option when completing my website setup form. This option allows you to review what I have written and either accept, or you to provide me the modifications.

Do I get the professional photos used on my website?

Professional photos puchased at setup are purchased on your behalf and may be used on 99 Websites we build for you, as well as marketing materials we provide. Each image purchased by 99 Website Builder is according to the Adobe Stock license agreement.

Are the websites built overseas?

No. My office is in Salt Lake City, UT and I personally build each website. I am the owner/founder and developer of In-Form websites and portals.

Why are the examples only showing the building trades?

My background is in the trades and I have a very good understanding of the business. My website templates can easily adapt to any industry by including the appropriate image and verbiage. I will have additional templates and examples availble soon.

Why so cheap, what's the catch?

The "catch" is a new approach to website design that streamlines the setup process and builds your website on a unique platform that outperforms sites costing thousands of dollars.

What is special about "In-Form Websites"?

In-Form Websites are a hybrid coding platform that result in a lower setup and hosting fee. 99 websites look similar to other sites and can perform calculations, store website activity data, schedule appointments, include extenal links and take on the look and feel of an e-commerce website. An additional feature is In-Form Websites can be bilingual, as shown here.

Are websites aviailable in different languages?

Yes, I can build websites in almost any language that Google translate handles. Primarily, websites are built in English with Spanish as a second language. If you like, you can provide a Word document with translations. Multilinugual websites are available only with In-Form websites and start at $49 plus setup fee.


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