Single page websites are the best of both worlds. You have all the features of the In-form Microsite plus a variety of design options to compliment your business. 99 Webpages include free professional images, CTA (Call to Action) banners, internal and external linking and an easy to remember URL.

Take Your Business Online

Single Page Site Advantage:

  • ​Additional design options

  • Access to free professional images

  • Easy site access with the 99 icon on your phone home screen

  • SEO - Setup includes optimization for search engines to find you

Your home page is where it all starts, or ends if poorly presented. Website visitors quickly scan your site images and headlines so using top quality photos is paramount. Professional images make your website stand out and are available from Adobe. Choose from millions available and added for $9.95 each. 


take your business online

$99 Website

All the features of a website costing thousands of dollars.

For the Working Professionals



Choose a Webpage Style You Like

Single-page sites come in a variety of styles that link or embed your In-Form portal. Portals are the workhorse providing you E-commerce, scheduling, and features that usually require third-party apps.


Includes a "Lightbox" menu for access to webpage sections. This site has the In-Form Microsite portal embedded (recommended only for very basic portals).  


Example 2 includes testimonials and service banners with images. Both sites have scheduling and can take payments online. Single sites are available in any colors you like. 


Example 3 has a traditional website menu at the top. Sections include banners and "lightbox" pop-out to view the service area and business hours. Testimonials are displayed in a slider format over a parallax image. 

The contact form and site colors are fully customizable.


Example 4 is the perfect single page site that packs in photos and links your In-Form Portal externally. This type of portal allows a much more complex format that can include almost anything you like. The service area and business hours are prominently displayed at the bottom. This In-Form contact portal also includes the custom header option.


Example 5 includes testimonials and service icons with brief descriptions. The contact portal is embedded and takes payments online, schedules and requests a deposit in advance for on-site visits. 


Example 6 includes is a more complex site with multiple full-length strips and parallax features. Images, as with all 99 Website Builder single websites, are of the highest quality and included with setup. The contact portal also includes a custom header and is linked by CTA (Call to Action) banners. 

Stepping Stone to Your Own Website

99 Website Builder single page sites are hosted on Wix (your site does not display Wix advertising) and can easily transform into a full website with your domain and all the features Wix offers. You or anyone you choose has 24/7 access to make any changes you like.


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